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Work towards your dream career goals with the right career plans, skills and education.

A² & E | Address, Adapt, & Excel

A2 & E2 provides our participants with an opportunity to take a step back and re-focus and re-evaluate your goals. The program and our instructors provide participants with the time and material to take a look at what is working for you and to help you address what is holding you back. A2&E is there to help address your fears, adapt to new life circumstance and to excel with your future goals/plans.

A2&E is the first step in your journey to making positive shifts in your life. A2 & E2 is about helping clients learn how to adapt and move through change. All our material in class is designed to work with clients and help them accept change; how to start the process with practical exercises so that clients can more easily learn to adapt to the ever-changing world with less resistance.

A2 is about being ready to explore new strategies to help move forward, beyond their personal struggles in relation to anxiety they experience. This requires a willingness to look at your patterns of behaviour and habits to explore why you’re in the place your in.

Individuals who are thinking of attending the program should consider the following:

  • This is step 1 not the final step
  • When you change your perspective/mindset you change how to address your everyday life.
  • A2 can not “cure” anxiety- but it can give you real life tools to use in reducing the anxious moments

GED - General Education Development

The General Educational Development, also known as GED, is a set of tests that consist of Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science, which determine whether the test-taker has a high-school graduate’s level of knowledge. Careers in Transition can help you to obtain your GED by supporting you while you participate in a 20 week GED prep program where you will obtain the knowledge and skills to be successful on all five tests. Careers in Transition is the only provider in the Edmonton and surrounding area that offers GED prep in a five-month time frame, as well as full-time GED prep.

Education is truly the key to more opportunities, and there are many doors that may be opened to you once you obtain your GED. The GED can help you gain employment in a large array of fields such as:
Airline Ticket Agent, Health Care Aide, Judicial Clerk, Electronics Recycling Worker, Landfill Gas Plant Operator, Library Clerk, Medical Lab Assistant, Oil Pipeline Operators, Maintenance Workers, Pre-Press Technician, Sandblaster, Unit Clerk, Water and Wastewater Operator, Most Trades.  Click here to download the updated Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Requirements.

Our GED Program is comprehensive to help you succeed long after you've left the classroom.

Included In Our GED Program :

Job Readiness

We teach job readiness skills throughout the GED preparation program.  Plans are developed by reiterating what the student’s career goals are, and what barriers need to be overcome in order to reach those goals.  Students will participate in workshops during the program that will teach them how to write resumes and cover letters, how to conduct excellent job searches, interview skills, and learning about employer expectations. Our Employment and Education Counselors provide ongoing education and career guidance, during the entirety of the program, by having regular check-in appointments with all of the Careers in Transition students.

Career Planning

When students first come to our program they are required to generate a career goal utilizing our career investigation report. The first week of the program is our career planning component. During this week students will have a program orientation that gives an overview of learner expectations and what they can expect from the program and staff.

Students learn how to effectively use Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Google Classroom, as they work through several assignments and projects investigating their career goals, personality profile, and study skills.  Students demonstrate their learning through a variety of methods including group work, written responses, and individual presentations.  The goal of this component is to provide as many learning opportunities as possible, to all students, so that they have the skills necessary to successfully complete the GED Preparation Program, write their GED Exams, and move forward with their career goals.

Pearson Vue Testing

Careers in transition is now an authorized Pearson Vue Testing centre. We are working hard to offer exam candidates access to the best service, advanced, and reliable technology.

CIT offers testing for 80 different organizations which include the GED Testing Service, Harvard Business School, IBM Corporation, Microsoft, Fortinet, VMware, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Citrix Systems, and Canadian Registered Safety Professionals.

**Be sure to select CAREERS IN TRANSITION as your Testing Centre**