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A2 & E is an unconventional program that features adaptive skill training. Our program provides our attendees with tools that help them to adapt to the current labour market given their personal circumstances. Our program then encourages applying these skills in real life scenarios. Our program design requires attendees to do something different in pursuit of their goals and different outcomes in their employment search. When you attend our program, you can expect the following;
  • Identify the Why (why do you do the things you do both in work and personal situations?)
  • Learn to Flip your thoughts and practice flipping your thoughts in work and personal scenarios.
  • Build Adaptability
  • Set realistic goals to overcome your fears using an experimental mindset.
Who should apply? Anyone, our program is open to all individuals who are looking to assess and address their anxieties and fears as well as their place in the labour market. You will end our program with tools to better handle anxieties and fears, a new resume and fresh outlook. How to apply: Fill out our form with your information online. We will be in touch to register you for an assessment. Or: You are prescribed our program by an employment and/or education program you are registered in. We will register you for assessment.

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  1. Anonymous

    When I first started, I was afraid I wouldn’t even be able to figure out how to use Google classroom. I thought everyone would judge me for my answers and the emotion I put into my answers. I even thought I wouldn’t be able to understand or absorb the course load. I got through it and everyday it was easier to go to class and I even looked forward to social interaction. My anxiety has lessened considerably.

  2. Anonymous

    I just wanted to thank you; the workshop equipped me with valuable information which I apply not only towards my career goals but also in my home life. By recognizing what triggers my anxiety and how I handle the situation is different from how I used to be before the program. I was a jumble of nerves before hand, fighting back tears, self talk, just a frantic pacing mess that I did not realize how my behavior was impacting my son. The fear of failure was preventing me from even wanting to try at all.

  3. Anonymous

    The three things that I’ve gained/learned would be the awesome resume tips you’ve provided, as well as having the courage to confront my fears and start taking control of my life and not letting fear control me. The third thing I’ve learned was that it’s okay to be a little nervous especially when starting a new job or attending a new school, it’s okay to be a little anxious but don’t let that stop me from perusing my goals.

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve learned that the outcome is different from what I’ve fabricated in my head, which caused a lot of stress, anxiousness and fear. If I just confront the situation in stead of running away which only makes it worse then I will have a direct answer and I’ll be able to respond with moxie.

  5. Anonymous

    I am EMPOWERED..I now understand my anxiety so much more, and in depth that I feel like I Control my anxiety versus the opposite way I felt before program. This program seriously changed the way I view myself, the world and my environment.

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