Programs & Services

Our program offers GED preparation with a qualified Teacher teaching the five core subjects of the GED exam – English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Writing – as well as employability skills, career planning, supported job search, and post secondary exploration to help you get the career you want! You will spend 16 weeks studying and practicing to write the GED (General Education Development) exam. Upon completion, you will then learn valuable and transferable skills such as how to write an effective resume and cover letter, interview skills, networking, budgeting, and how to access the hidden job market to transition from GED prep to the world of work.

What happens at an Orientation Session?

At an orientation session prospective clients will learn about the program components, program eligibility as well as grant funding eligibility. Clients must be deemed ready, willing and able in order to enter our program so facilitators spend time explaining what this looks like. The value added portions of the program such as computer training, workshops on financial literacy, learning styles and study skills are covered. Once clients have heard all of the information, if they wish to continue with the process they will participate in the Math and English assessments and meet one on one for a personal consultation with a Case Manager. Clients will then be guided to take home a Career Investigation Report and will be offered a list of information that will be required to fill out the grant application. A final assessment will then be booked and clients will be informed soon after if they have been accepted into the program.


Two of the biggest issues our clients face are finding transportation and child care. It is important to reduce barriers to success in preparation to starting our program. Once you have decided that this is the path you would like to take, be proactive about reducing your barriers in order to enable yourself to put your best foot forward.