Alarm Installers Program

The Alarm Systems Installer Program provides unemployed and other Albertans with specific occupational skills, training, and practical work experience to prepare them for a career in a growing industry. This program is offered by a supportive CIT team of professionals to Albertans who are seeking a program that can help them gain employment quickly. We can also connect participants with financial support options and other valuable resources during training, as well as follow-up support services.


What do Alarm Installers do?

Alarm installers are required in homes and in businesses. Installers do many tasks and may work in various working environments. Most of the duties of an alarm installer are as follows:
  • Check the installation site, read the work order and check drawings to determine locations for specified equipment
  • Lay out wiring routes, cut openings in walls, floors and frames, mount raceways or conduits, pull wires through and splice them (for wired systems)
  • Install motion sensors and other types of intruder and alarm devices
  • Program security systems by using computers and special software (on site or by telephone)
  • Test systems using equipment such as multimeters
  • Demonstrate systems for customers and explain the cause and seriousness of false alarms
  • Troubleshoot malfunctions and make the necessary adjustments or repairs
  • Prepare documents such as invoices, warranties and installation and repair records.

A standard 40 hour work week is the norm, although occasional overtime may be required during busy periods. For customer convenience, security alarm installers may work some evenings and weekends.

Alarm installers are currently earning an average of $20.81 to $30.19 an hour.


How long is the Alarm Installers Program?

The alarm installers Program is 14 weeks, 12 weeks of the program is comprised of practical and theory work and 2 weeks of the program is a hands on practicum.

Where do alarm installers work?

Reliance Protectron

Contact: Logan Grovet
102, 4209 99 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
T 780 462 1657

Alberta Connect

Contact: Trevor
4607 26 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T 780 242 7050

Telsco Security Systems Inc.

Contact: Allan King
12750 127 Street
Edmonton, AB
T 780 424 6971

Camacc Systems

Contact: Randy
200, 10820 181 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
T 780 452 6964

Shore 2 Shore Automation Ltd.

Contact: Darryl
1377 Breckenridge Drive
Edmonton, AB
T 780 668 2365

Authority Alarms

Contact: Al Matthes (780 777 6835)
61, 13825 155 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T 780 443 1421

B H Smith Consulting

Contact: Brandon Smith
16247 90 Street
Edmonton, AB
T 780 297 8479


Contact: Jacky/Mark
40, 55 Chevigny Street
St. Albert, AB
T 780 458 9030